Alx Program – All you need to know about Alx Africa

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Alx Program in Africa is an African Leadership Academy also known as African Leadership University and Anzisha Prize Foundation that offers job-resdy training in tech fields needed by employers . Courses like Virtual assistant , Software Engineering, full stack development and so on.


Alx African program fee has been waived in 2022 i.e no payment or hidden payment will be required from all and each participants.

What is Alx Program focusing on

Alx Program is focusing on building the demanded skillset through real time project based learning to get candidates or participants ready to transform both the world and their personal life.

  •   Provision of essential skills to boosting  capabilities , accuracy and ultimately revenue.
  • Provide young entrepreneurs with the know how to move their companies to a new stage of growth.
  • Build technical , practical and soft skills combined with networking.

What is Alx Aim

Alx Aim to empower the populace of Africa with technical skills and make Africa the largest and youngest workforce in the world including developing of 3 million ethical and entrepreneurial leaders by 2035.

Benefits of Alx Africa Program

Alx connects participants with companies in need of jobs through a community of expertise called THE ROOM.


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