Muayyad (Mo) Shehadeh – The founder and CEO of Uhive

  Muayyad (Mo) Shehadeh The founder and CEO of Uhive  Social Metaverse , a social network app for content creators and for earning.


 Muayyad Shehadeh has 25 years of experience between coding, R&D and managing software companies. In 2005 , he founded Genie9 ( Genie-soft) , a company where he created a software to address the need of a missing backup software in the market.

In 2008 , he expand the company globally which makes Genie9 one of the leaders of Windows Backup software and Cloud Backup.

Zoolz existence also came live from him  , an intelligent Cloud using the power of Artificial intelligence to understand documents, photos, files , folders and much more and automatically analyzes and structure them.

After Zoolz existence, he worked on the idea of Uhive for 4 years a social Metaverse for social networking and earning rewards.


Company owned: bigMind , Genie9 , Uhive.

Education: Degree in Architecture

Machine Learning

Social Media AccountLinkedIn Hive website Twitter

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