Guidelines to withdraw token  from Uhive freely without stress

Uhive home dashboard


          Guidelines to withdraw token  from Uhive

Are you a Uhive users and finding it difficult to withdraw your token wallet after hitting the threshold , Don’t worry this blog post will take you through step by step on how to withdraw from Uhive Wallet.


Uhive is an app for people to socialize and make money through token( a dividends being shared to active users daily) . Uhive Token can be transformed into money through Etherum and this are step by step on how to do just that.


STEP 1 : Before you can withdraw from Uhive , you must be a Registered users of the app and must have hit the withdrawal threshold which is 10,000 token.

STEP 2 : If you’re here in step 2 , it means you have reached the threshold . Launch your Uhive app from your device.

Second step in withdrawing from uhive


After launching your app , your Uhive app account home screen dashboard will pop up

Uhive home dashboard


STEP 3: Click on your asset , the fourth button after home and all your digital asset will be shown on your screen.

Uhive digital assets dashboard

STEP 4: Click on your wallet which will reveal your token balance and equivalent amount in your country currency and Bitcoin.

Uhive wallet balance in naira

STEP 5 : Click on the 3 dot on your right hand side and a menu like option will appear.

Uhive Withdrawal menu
The menu that pops up

You can now perform all kind of options to your likeness, you can connect a wallet or withdraw or deposit..

This is the Guidelines to withdraw from Uhive.

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