Fitness Connection

Fitness Connection

 Fitness Connection is a workout space for interested candidates or people. They are specialized classes located in different states in the United States for gyming , fast training athletes perform programs and more related others to fitness or working out .

How To Register Online/ Sign Up On Fitness Connection.

Joining fitness Connection requires a payment of $10 per month. To sign up type into your browser their verified website link and click on sign up .

A new page will pop and instructions and form to fill out inorder to join the fitness Connection class are outlined in the page .

Each form are numbered and are as follows.

  1. Choosing your preferable location listed on the page  for the fitness class.
  2. A monthly plan that requires payment.
  3. Fill out your details
  4. Addition of other members that might be joining.
  5. Due Today .
  6. Monthly Due date
  7. User Agreement.

For those that couldn’t afford a one month subscription that requires a 10 USD payment , fitness Connection gives a five free days access to all their resources ranging from classes , to workout area , kids clubs and others related to fitness.

Note that  no payment will be made .

Classes Offered By Fitness Connection

Fitness Connection offered different classes for their users and some of it will be mentioned here :

  • Fc Selected- A high intensity interval training programs that includes various cardios and strength drills for increasing physical strength and endurance. These includes fc shift ( cycling class) , fc crush.
  • Dance : these includes zamba , mixxedfit , sh’bamv, bodyjamb, Zumba cold.

Where is Fitness Connection located.

Fitness Connection is located in different states in The USA and some of it will be listed here .

  • Almeda- 12338 , Gulf Fury Houston, Tx77034.
  • Texas – Allen, 605w , McDarmott Dr Allen TX 75013
  • BayTown 5035 Garth Rd BayTown TX 77521.

Canceling Fitness Connection Subscription or Membership.

Canceling your membership is allowed and you must have a very good reason to want to cancel your membership with fitness Connection.

They determine which excuses is genuine or not . So it is a yes , fitness Connection membership can be cancelled.

ReferencesTo sign up go to fitness Connection website.


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