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Welcome to this page , you’ve come a long way to get here and I won’t be wasting your precious time before diving into the main topic .

Over the years , technology has evolved and evolved to a stage where we can communicate for over a million miles , thanks to all those inventors. Ever since the advancement of technology , their primary aim it to make life convenient for people and their users in which making money online and even in your room is part of .

Although these vision has been met but it’s easy for some and hard for others . Here today , we’ll be emphasising on how UHIVE app can help you solve that .

Uhive can be said to be the youngest but social network that uses token HVE2 to create revenue streams that includes peer to peer transactions , the scale of NFTs and interest based advertising.

The app was launched in May 2020 , a crypto type token app. Over this 2 years it has accumulate a large number of users with over 5 million post and this is due to its features, user friendly interface and flexibilities.

We won’t be going deep into it’s foundation or history of creation but ways to earn had a uhive users and Creators.




According to Uhive earn reward page , it says ,

” Our vision is simple- to share our platforms revenue by distributing daily dividends ( a universal income) to our entire user base , unconditional (no data mining , no privacy intrusions- no strings attached).”

Which means Uhive is trying to offer a means of revenue other social platform wouldn’t offer and that’s payment to their users . Just like how grit rewards both effort put into work and end result, Uhive is rewarding both result and effort put into using their app by giving you tokens every 24 hrs for logging in and browsing. When it reaches a certain amount , you are eligible to purchase anything either NFT or stake it for months and earn commission on the amount you stake . Also it can be withdrawn as crypto into your wallet.

The amount given each day differs because it works in comparism to how long you browse and your engagement.

  • UHIVE affiliate Program.
  • Uhive affiliate link

Uhive affiliate program which is available for all users to join and earn as they promote the app . For every invite, you get 400 token instantly which is added to your token balance and can be used to purchase valuable things like NFTs , Digital Assets for use or resell and make money and also for staking out .

You also get a 5% commission for your users engagement on the app for 12 months and 25% money  for any purchase made by your invite.

More will be updated as released.

To join UHIVE for the first time , Download the app and receive a 400 token price using my code EPSHJB

You can also earn by joining their Ambassador or Counselor. These two enjoy some incentives and privilege which are meant to be bought for money.








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